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Our Efforts Against Extremism and Radical Ideologies

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Being the reason we live in times of much confusion and suspicion, it is strongly incumbent upon us once again that we emphasize and stress the importance of distinguishing oneself from any group or ideology that is extreme or radical. Masjid Al-Istiqama and its associates have taken a number of steps and methods to propagate the correct concept of Islam via means of publishing, authoring, vocal lectures and public addresses. Unfortunately, we still may find some of the general population ruling a whole tree to be rotten due to one single apple, which is absolutely unfair and unjust since terrorism has no religion in reality. If that was the case, one could possibly use the same argument to blame the religion of Christianity for the crimes that the KKK has perpetuated throughout history. Thus, Masjid Al-Istiqama has continued to print and distribute a number of pamphlets and leaflets in waging war against oppressive terrorism and unjustified violence. 


Likewise, in our Friday sermons, efforts have been made in condemning terrorist activities. 


Also, similar efforts have been made locally at our conferences and seminars. 


Bear in mind that most of our lecturers and speakers are qualified teachers from a number of Islamic schools here in Toronto, Ontario, who have much experience in educating the youth to be wary of the corrupted ideologies of ISIS and its likes.


Consequently, it is unreasonable and unjust that the Salafis be held responsible for the actions of others who choose to deviate from such teachings.


And our stance towards members affiliated with ISIS and its likes is that we warn against them and we announce that their harm should be reprimanded accordingly. Our dawah seeks to preserve life and security while the people of extremism choose to seek the opposite.


Along with the above, I wanted to conclude that our method of propagation is totally transparent and honest as we have nothing to hide walhamdulilah.


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